Kindergarten and First Grade Registration

Kindergarten and First Grade Registration
Posted on 03/05/2018


9:00-11:00 AM and 1:30-2:30 PM


Seaview may offer an expanded day Kindergarten Program on a lottery basis for a fee.  If interested, you must register your child during the week of Kindergarten & First Grade registration.


Parents need to bring proof of the following:


1.  Proof of Age: Original Birth Certificate.  Children must be 5 years old on or before October 1,         2018.                   

     Baptismal and Hospital certificates are not acceptable.

2.  Proof of Linwood Residency

3.  Completed Physical Form

4.  Record of Immunizations

5.  First Grade Students must bring records from previous school. 


At registration, kindergarten visitation and entrance screening times will be scheduled.

It is not necessary for your child to attend registration.


For your convenience, Kindergarten and First Grade registration packets will be available in the Seaview Office from March 26-29, 2018 for you to take home and complete in advance.